Spring 2020

Wednesdays at 4:10pm in SCEN 604

If you would like to give a talk, email jskeyton at uark dot edu.

Jan 29Shakil RafiTopology and Computation
Feb 5Patrick PhelpsExistence for the Perturbed Stokes System
Feb 12Minh NguyenYet two more proofs of The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra using differential topology
Feb 19Caleb ParksA Generalized Voltera-Type Operator Between Hardy Spaces and Multiplication Operators Between Analytic Tent Spaces
Feb 26Alexander DuncanAlgebraic Groups
Mar 11Eric WalkerWhat’s on the mind of air traffic controllers and algebraic geometers?
Cancelled for remainder of semester due to COVID-19

Fall 2019

Location: SCEN 406

Time: 4:10pm

Sep 4Rachel LehmanAn Introduction to Dehn Surgery and its
Importance to Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds
Sep 11Jesse KeytonUnimodality of Pure O-sequences
Sep 18Jean Pierre M.Insolvability of the Quintic
Sep 25Caleb ParksAn Introduction to Bergman Spaces:
The Bergman Kernel, I
Oct 2Caleb ParksAn Introduction to Bergman Spaces:
The Bergman Kernel, II
Oct 9Sam CowgillSolving the Functional Equation of e^x
Oct 16Minh NguyenU(n) Seiberg-Witten Equations
Oct 23Emily FossThe Ohsawa-Takegoshi Extension Theorem
Oct 30Caleb ParksInterpolation in analytic tent spaces
Nov 6Trevor NakamuraClassification of Group Extensions with Abelian Kernel by Cohomology Classes
Nov 13Rachel LehmanObtaining a Good 3-Orbifolds From a Bad 3-Orbifold
Nov 20Sam CowgillExploring Tetration in the Complex Plane
Dec 4Alexander DuncanProperties of Cohen Macaulay Schemes
Dec 11Yoav Rieck

Spring 2019

Jan 30Minh NguyenSpin geometry and Dirac
eigenvalues (I)
Feb 6Minh NguyenSpin geometry and Dirac
eigenvalues (II)
Feb 13Rachel LehmanOrbifolds and the 3-orbifold
Feb 20Patrick PhelpsA discussion about matroids
Feb 27Minh NguyenSpin geometry and Dirac
eigenvalues (III)
March 6Michael ShumateKnot Floer Homology
March 13Caleb ParksInterpolations in tent spaces
March 27Jean Pierre MutanguhaWhat is… residually finite
April 10Jesse KeytonConditional Independence Models
and Primary Decomposition
April 17Daniel Levine (PSU)Moduli of Sheaves
April 24Mike Miller (UCLA)
James Cook (LU)
Triangulations and Homology cobordism (Mike)
From Algebra to Calculus and Back again (James)

Fall 2018

Aug 29Minh Nguyen Introduction to Clifford Algebra: Why it
matters in Analysis and Differential topology
Sep 12Michael ShumateIntroduction to Knots, Why They Matter,
and Some Knot Invariants
Sep 19Caleb ParksTopological vector spaces and Distribution theory
Sep 26Jean Pierre Mutanguha A Hyperbolic Space Odyssey
Oct 3Jesse KeytonAlgebraic Linkage and Hilbert functions
Oct 10Rachel LehmanIntroduction to Thurston’s Geometrization theorem
Oct 17Michael DuffyGradient Estimates for Elliptic PDE’s
Oct 24Dr. Lance MillerQ&A Session
Oct 31Jean Pierre Mutanguha \\
Jesse Keyton
Hyperbolic Immersion of Free Groups \\
Non-sequentially bounded Licci Ideals
Nov 7Michael ShumateKnots and not-Knots
Nov 14Muhenned AbdulsahibHartogg Domain and Diederich-Fornaess Index